Coronavirus statement

Coronavirus is here to stay, for the next few months or years. Our priority is to keep our clients, carers and other teams safe.

We follow all government guidelines and recommendations. People are working from home where possible, carers have adequate PPE and follow strict hygiene rules.

Since lockdown started in March, the rate of Coronavirus infection among our clients and carers has been extremely low. In fact, not one of our clients has caught Coronavirus from one of our carers.

The past months have shown us that live in care and care in the home is miles safer than care homes, which have been in the centre of the tragedy of the huge numbers of deaths from Coronavirus.

In the time this disease has been in the UK we have seen how care at home lets our clients have human company, both from their carers and (when government has permitted) their family and friends. We have all seen ourselves how valuable real human interaction is to mental health and wellbeing, and we encourage our clients to see family and friends, as long as they please remember to follow the rules set out by government.

Since Lockdown was announced in March, we have discovered that our team is able to give our clients and carers as good a service as before. Our clients are getting outstanding carers to help them lead as full a life as possible, carers are getting the support and help they need. In fact, communication has improved, with remote working teams having to be more flexible, accountable and proactive. We have communicated closely with clients, their families and our carers, and the positive feeling has been immense.

Coronavirus does mean that our behaviour has to change, that we can’t meet people as we used to. It also means that government rules will change fast, so prediction is nearly impossible. However, our duty to our clients and carers doesn’t change. With a combination of the right policies, the right equipment (PPE etc) and the right attitude, we can and do keep our clients happy and safe at home.