Coronavirus statement

Coronavirus (Covid -19) Information

Coronavirus infection rates in the UK are still high. We want to assure all clients and employees that at Christies Care we take Coronavirus prevention extremely seriously. Our home care services offer a safe and secure way to provide care for you or your loved ones at home.

How are we acting to prevent Coronavirus transmission?

  • Personal Protective Equipment is worn by our carers. We have seen that this works to prevent the spread from person to person. We have sufficient stock and keep a healthy surplus.
  • Social distancing and strict hygiene. Our carers are scrupulous about hygiene. They are also very careful about social distancing; keeping away from others as much as possible, so that they and their client stay safe.
  • Testing. PHE has started to give us PCR tests so that we can test our carers once a week.
  • Vaccination. Our carers are helping their clients to get vaccinated. We are doing as much as we can to help our carers to get vaccinated.

How safe has live-in care been through Covid?

We are working very closely with Public Health England and Local Authorities to reduce infections, and we have had positive feedback from them about our infection control measures.

How has Coronavirus affected the quality of the care you give?

It hasn’t. We may do things in different ways (zoom calls rather than face-to-face meetings for example) but we find that the service is the same. In fact, having care at home has been literally a life-saver for most of our clients.

A carer at home gives our clients the companionship the need. So they have been far less lonely than much of the population through the lockdowns. Our carers have been imaginative too, giving our clients zoom birthday parties, cooking cakes along with Bake Off and keeping them entertained.

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