The benefits of live-in care services

Our flexible live-in care services offer you safety, dignity and independence to live in your own home.

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Live in care services offer one to one care support when you need it

Our flexible home care services offer you safety, dignity and independence to live in your own home where you are happiest, surrounded by the memories you have made throughout your life. 

For comfort and convenience

With Christies Care, your trusted carer lives in your home and adapts to your way of life. Having a carer to assist your daily life at home in familiar surroundings means you do not have to suffer the disruption of moving into a care home, leaving your garden, your pets, your neighbours and many of your possessions behind.

For safety

Having the one to one support of our live-in care services with a carer who looks after you at home, reduces the dangers caused by frailty as people get older.

With just one person to look after, your carer can focus on your needs alone. They will encourage your independence and mobility wherever possible. This includes getting out and about, for walks or in the local community as much as you would like, and helping with daily exercises.

For value for money

Live-in care services offer a much more affordable option than many people think and one-to-one care offers significantly higher value for money and inestimable peace of mind than a care home.

Live-in care offers substantially better comfort, quality of life, happiness and freedom and the ability to live independently than a care home.

For peace of mind

Our highly-trained live-in carers are kind, compassionate, friendly and respectful. They offer a high level of care as well as companionship, to give you comfort and peace of mind at home.

How does
Live-in care work?

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How does Live-in care work?

Live-in care is considered the best option for people who need 24 hour care assistance and offers better prospects for most physical and mental health conditions.
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How do home care
visits work?

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How do home care visits work?

Flexible home care visits for your comfort and convenience, organised from as little as 1hr per week depending on your needs.
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Home Care Services

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Home Care Services

Whether you need a housekeeper and companion or have a condition which requires specialist care, we have well-trained live-in carers to do the tasks which enable you to live as independently as possible.
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an alternative to residential care

Why is one-to-one care important?

Familiar and friendly care
Many people think care is helping people getting up, getting dressed, helping someone to eat – essentially task-based care.

With one to one care, our live in and hourly home carers have time to build a good relationship and a strong rapport with their client. To move beyond the basics of making sure their clients are warm, have eaten enough and are taking their medicine and to help them live as full a life as possible. Whether it’s a game of cards, someone to watch your favourite TV with in the evening, or somebody to accompany you on a walk or a visit to see friends. Live in or hourly care enables you to continue to enjoy life you as you choose, in the comfort of your own home.

Care that allows you space when you need it
Some people may feel concerned about a stranger coming to live with them and understandably so. The first thing is that your carer won’t feel like a stranger for long, they have been carefully selected for compatibility so you can enjoy one another’s company. However, personal space is important and our highly trained carers are very adept at understanding when you may or may not want company around you. One of the key skills of a good live-in carer is knowing when they are needed and when to fade into the background so that you can live as independently as possible.

Because our carers have time to get to know and understand you, they will be much better at picking up subtle signals and will learn to know when you want to be alone or have a natter or just prefer to sit in companionable silence.

Dedicated care in your own time
If you need live-in or hourly homecare, it is likely that some tasks will take more time than others. For instance, for many elderly people who need care at home, getting dressed or taking a bath in your 90s takes a lot longer than it did in your 20s. One of the benefits of having a one-to-one carer looking after you in your own home is that nobody else needs their help, your carer has all the time in the world to devote to your needs.

Care on your own terms
We all have days when things don’t go according to plan. We all want to be able to do what we want, when we want.

With one-to-one care your carer is there to help you live as independently as possible. They don’t have schedules to meet or lots of other clients to take their attention away from you. You can eat what you want, get up and go to bed when you want and make plans to go where you want, when you want to.

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