Care advice

The world of care can often seem daunting and complex – we’re here to be help you through it. 

Expert guidance from the people who care

We have been confidently and sensitively helping people find the best care options for their loved ones since 1987. Over those years we have built up a wealth of knowledge around home care and the challenges people can face in later years. This page will give you the advice you need to navigate the world of care with confidence.


Power of attorney

Everything you need to know about the benefits this important procedure, and the steps you need to take to set it up. Contact us to get expert advice.

Paying for care

Our guide to care funding will help you make sense of the decisions you need to make about the cost of care and how to pay it. Get in touch with us for more information.

Financial planning
in later life

As we get older we face many changes, and one of the main ones is finance. Our income, outgoings and general circumstances can all alter dramatically, so getting professional help to make sure you will be financially secure as you go into your later years can prevent considerable worry.

Helpful articles

Explore our must-read articles for useful advice, tips and solutions on aspects of ageing and elderly care to give you clarity, confidence and essential information to help look after yourself or your loved one.

Digital silhouette of a man with his brain and neural pathways highlighted

Stroke action awareness

A stroke is a serious condition that can affect a person of any age, in which the blood supply to a part of the brain is cut…

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2022

Palliative care at home, can be a difficult conversation to broach with a loved one. And that’s why this month…

Care at home means pets are welcome

Having care at home allows people to keep their much-loved pets by their side when they need them most…

Living well
with pain

Millions of people live with persistent or chronic pain and the effects of this can be all-consuming, having a huge impact…

Loneliness in older people

Growing old presents many challenges that we might not consider during our younger years, loneliness in older…

Homecarer assists her client in performing movement exercises with a resistance band

Exercise for
older people

As we age our bodies inevitably begin to show signs of wear and tear, muscle loss and joint stiffness cause us to slow…