Interim trial care

Because important decisions about your care shouldn’t be taken in a rush

Giving you what you need to make an informed decision

The choice of care will often affect the rest of a person’s life so it’s only right you take sufficient time to think and evaluate, rather than making hurried decisions.

However, not many of us plan for future care services, either for ourselves or our loved ones, so people often find they have to make a quick decision under pressure on something that is so important to the quality of someone’s life.

Perhaps your loved one is ill in hospital, has had a fall or something else suddenly goes wrong, causing them to need care. Where possible, family usually step in to help but there often comes a time when this becomes unsustainable, due to work or other family commitments coming into play. This is when people are under most pressure to find an urgent solution and may be forced to take a decision simply because there is no time to consider the alternatives.

Looking for care advice?

The world of care can often seem daunting and complex – we’re here to be help you through it.

How it works

Call our friendly Care Team who will talk to you about what you need and want.
Once we’ve got an understanding of your situation we’ll arrange for one of our local area care consultants to visit you for an assessment. This doesn’t mean you’re obligated to continue with anything, it just gives us the information we need to give you an accurate idea of what we can provide and the cost.

We then prepare a suggested care package which takes into account not only the individual’s needs and wishes, but those of the family. It includes all the health professionals and those in your community who are part of your life.
Between the client, the family, the community and Christies, a full support package is developed, unique to each individual. We call this a ‘Partnership of Care’.

You can decide what to do next.

If you choose our trial package, a live-in carer will move in to look after your loved one, causing the least amount of disruption and taking pressure off the family. This gives you the precious time you need to make a fully considered decision with all the facts at hand. It allows you to weigh up all your options and decide on the best interests of the person who needs the care.

If, once the trial package has begun, for whatever reason you decide that this is not the right option, you can cancel the care by giving us one week’s notice at any time.

For information on how our home care services can help you:

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Getting started is simple

From first contact to the relief of having someone give outstanding care


Speak to one of our care experts

One of our friendly customer care team will take the time to get to know you and find out your requirements so we’re able to recommend the best care options for you.


Get a personalised
 care plan

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all way of working. Every person is an individual, and so we make sure their care plan is individual too. 


Our care, your peace of mind

Relax, knowing you have the best Carers in place to give the support you need.