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Living well at home with 24/7 support for Parkinson’s Disease

Coping with a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis

Parkinson’s is a neurological condition characterised by slow movement, tremors and walking problems. It is a life-changing diagnosis causing stress and uncertainty in the lives of those affected by it but with the right care support it is perfectly possible to continue to live a full and productive life. Living with Parkinson’s disease does not have to mean living in a care home.

Parkinson’s Disease support

To help support someone living with Parkinson’s disease we offer a package that provides carers with a good background knowledge of the variants of the condition such as Idiopathic Parkinson’s, the most common form, to those less well known such as Multiple System Atrophy.

Our specialist carers are trained to identify the signs and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. This is key to creating and planning together how to help manage the many and varied everyday challenges and practicalities that could present themselves.

Being cared for at home with on hand assistance and support for problems encountered with mobility and swallowing, helps to reduce the anxiety and falls which can be typical to those living with Parkinson’s.

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Our Parkinson’s Home Care Package

Our Parkinson’s Disease care package provides comfort, expertise and continuity to enable clients to continue living well with their condition by way of practical advice and physical techniques to improve their quality of life, supporting them on their journey during and after diagnosis and assisting with medication administration, mobility & treatments available.

Whether a client needs full-time care, or a family caregiver just needs someone to provide a respite break, Christies Care has over 30 years’ experience of matching suitable, well-trained carers to help people living with Parkinson’s disease to carry on living life as they choose in the home and the community they know.

If you need information or advice about Parkinson’s the Parkinson’s Society brings people with Parkinson’s, their carers and their families together via their invaluable network of local groups, website and a free confidential helpline. Visit

Parkinson’s Disease: Client case study

Proven success – Outstanding results

Ken started to show symptoms of Parkinsons when he was 60. A vibrant, energetic and successful man, he soon had to start to rely on his wife to carry out a lot of everyday tasks. After 4 years of slow deterioration, Ken got so that on bad days he couldn’t get out of bed alone.

Ken’s wife by this time was exhausted and called on Christies Care to provide respite care. This gave her the break she needed and the opportunity to spend time staying with her daughter. She would call on carers for a fortnight every 3 months allowing her to recharge her batteries. She needed these respite breaks.

As time went on, Ken’s wife realised that she actually couldn’t care for her husband by herself any more. But she wasn’t going to send him to a residential home – after all, they were still very much married. So they now have a live-in carer from Christies Care full-time. The carer does the caring and helps with housekeeping duties. Most of all, she gives her clients the chance to lead their life as they had prior to Ken’s illness.

“My father has Parkinson's Disease and after a spell in hospital needs an increase in care which mum can't provide on her own. Live-in care wasn't something we'd considered by is working really well, supporting both my parents and enabling them to have as much quality of life as possible.”
Karen, daughter of client
“We have so far employed three carers in sequence to provide constant care for my wife who has had Parkinson's Disease since 2012. All three carers have been most gentle when attending to my wife, helpful around the house, produce good tasty meals and are helpful and try to anticipate our wishes/needs.”
John, husband of client

Home Care Services

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A staggering 97 percent of people do not want to go into a care home if they become ill or less able to cope.

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