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Professional private home care offers you comfort and peace of mind

How does live-in home care work?

Live-in care is considered the best around the clock care option with better prospects for most physical and mental health conditions.

Choosing home care for yourself or a loved one means you can avoid the distress and upheaval of moving in to a care home and away from everything you and your family are familiar with.

Our tailored care packages are designed to suit anyone with assisted or advanced care needs to continue to live at home. We select, train and recruit high quality, professional carers who are carefully matched to each of our clients to provide you with companionship as well as care.

Whether you require full-time support or just a little extra help on a regular basis with our hourly home care service, we can create a care plan that is just right for you.

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For more information on how our home care services can help you:

Person-centred domiciliary care

Live-in care is planned with you, not around you

At Christies Care we pride ourselves on a shared vision to provide care and support in partnership with you and your loved ones so you can live life as you choose. We continually monitor the safety and efficiency of our service and consult with you frequently on the ongoing development of your care package.

We understand the difficulties many people face when the need for care becomes apparent, whether it is a sudden change in circumstances or a gradual need for more help.

At the outset, your Local Area Advisor will visit to discuss your needs, provide information about Christies Care and take steps to set up your care plan at your pace. This vital stage of the live-in care journey takes every aspect of your situation into account. Your health requirements, mobility, your home set up, support network, social needs and interests.

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The positive impact of live-in care

A live-in carer provides peace of mind for the whole family. Our clients’ families often tell us they are amazed by how quickly they see the benefits once they’ve made the decision to have a live-in carer. The stress relief is immense for all. Their loved one is able to remain in the warmth and comfort of their own home and the family can continue to visit and stay overnight in a place that holds cherished memories rather than a new and unfamiliar environment.

Compatibility with your Christies Carer

One of the most frequent questions potential clients ask us is “Will I like my carer? Will I get on with him or her?”. The answer is yes. We always ask for your feedback on carers so that you choose who looks after you. The success of your care is built on a strong relationship with your carer. We will build up a team of carers, carefully selected for compatibility with each client, to ensure you are always cared for by a friendly and familiar face. So, you can enjoy the company of your carer and feel happy, safe and at ease in their care.

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Award-winning Training

What does a live-in carer do?

Your carer will provide a range of personalised care duties and everyday household tasks as part of your bespoke care plan to help improve your life from day one, including:

Assisting with Mobility – our carers are trained in all aspects of mobility support from use of hoisting and lifting equipment to help and encouragement with your physio exercises.

Help with personal care and hygiene – including washing, bathing, dressing and hairstyling.

Housekeeping – providing all the help you need to keep your house in order, including planning and preparing meals, laundry, pet care and running errands.

Companionship and support so you can continue to do the things you enjoy; a game of cards, an afternoon walk, days out, a trip to the beach, lunch with friends or a film at the cinema.

Managing and administering medication. Your carer can also help with PEG feeds, changing dressings, and if a nurse is needed for something more, our carers work closely with District Nurses and other community health networks to help arrange appointments and visits.

Most importantly, the carers are there to help you lead your normal life, at home and to encourage you to be as independent as possible. Every live-in carer gets the best training in the country to equip them to give you the help you want and need.

Read about some of our carers going the extra mile for their clients.

Lead your normal life at home

How do I pay for live-in care?

Private home care offers full-time or hourly care support in your own home to enable you to continue to live independently for as long as you choose.

The cost of care in your own home will vary depending on your needs and how much support you require.

Private home care is often as affordable as the cost of moving into a care home offering one to one care support without the distress and upheaval of having to leave your home.

The average cost of full-time care at home is around £1,150 per week.

We can provide both short-term and long-term care plans to suit your needs and budget. Speak to a member of our team today for clear guidance and an accurate quotation.

For more helpful information on understanding live-in care costs read our Client FAQs or click below.

If you are unsure about live-in care speak to one of our existing clients for an honest account of how Christies Care can help to improve the standards of your everyday life too.

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Choosing the right type of care for you

We are committed to providing an exceptional service with a range of specialised home care.