Live-in care

Enjoy peace of mind alongside the support you need, with live-in care that fits the way you live your life.

If you’re happy in your home, then why move out?

Christies live-in care means people who need full-time support are able to continue living independently in their own home. We arrange for a professional carer to come to live-in with you, providing personal care and support for a range of conditions, so you can live life as you wish.

We provide two types of full-time live-in care

Do you need someone to help you to live independently at home, right up to the end? We have been arranging for outstandingly trained and selected carers to come and help people do this, since 1987.

Introductory or

We can act as an introductory agency for self-employed live-in carers. The carers are fully trained and vetted care professionals who we have selected to give outstanding service 

Fully Managed

Choose this option if you want complete peace of mind. The Christies Care team manage the carers and after that take responsibility as a fully regulated, CQC Outstanding care agency. 

With Christies Care, you get the Outstanding live-in care you deserve

Live-in care from Christies Care lets you stay at home rather than being committed to an institutional life. It lets you keep your freedom, your pets, your garden, and your friends and neighbours. You can do the things that you haven’t been able to for some time, bringing back enjoyment you thought you had lost. Christies Care’s outstanding care also stops your family from worrying about you. 

We understand what it is like to have live-in care, many of us have used our live-in carers for our own relations. Our chairman’s mother and mother-in-law both had Christies carers, right up to the end.  

Getting started is simple

From first contact to the relief of having someone give outstanding care


Speak to one of our care experts

One of our friendly team will work with you to truly understand exactly what live-in care you want or need to solve your problems.


Organise everything

As soon as you say so, we organise the right outstandingly trained and selected live-in carer for you


Get started

Relax, safe in the knowledge you have the best live-in carers in place to give the exact support you need to carry on living independently.

care quality outstanding rated

Why choose Christies Care?

We are consistently rated Outstanding by CQC

The best selected and trained carers

We get it. We’ve used our carers to look after our parents

More than 95% of our clients come to us through recommendation


Live-in care is when a carefully selected, fully-trained carer comes and lives with you, in your home, to give you the help and care you need. This removes the need to move into a care home. A live-in carer is there for you, whenever you need them. A live-in carer allows you to keep your freedom and independence and your own home, forever.

Care costs cover a huge spectrum. Live-in care is generally cheaper than care homes. In terms of value for money; live-in care is better as you have 1:1 care whenever you need, giving you the flexibility and freedom to be as independent as possible. If you are a couple, live-in care is almost always cheaper than a care home, as you both share one carer, rather than paying care home fees for two people.

If you are looking to stay in your own home then live-in care can be better than a care home. With a live-in carer you stay in your own property, with your pets, garden and friends you know and love in familiar surroundings. Live-in carers are carefully selected and well-trained to help you live your own life, with your own routien. All your care fees go directly onto care, none are eaten up by accommodation costs.

The advantage of live-in care is that you keep your freedom and independence. You stay in your own home, with your own pets (most care homes don’t allow pets), garden and possessions. You have more 1:1 care than you would have in a care home, without being committed to institutional life.

With live-in care, a carefully selected and very well-trained carer lives with you in your home. Because the carer is living with you, he or she is there to give you personalised help and care you want and need, delivered in a way that suits your needs. Live in care means that you can stay in your own home, with the pets, garden and place you love; it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it.

Usually, 24 hour care means that someone needs active help and care, 24 hours of the day. In this case, often people have a team of carers, either two people each completing a 12 hour shift, or three, each completing 8 hours.

Residential care may cost anything up to £2,500 a week, or even more, while fully managed full time live-in care from Christies Care costs between £1,600 and £1,900 a week. For both, the biggest part of the cost is carer pay. To get good carers, who stay for a long time and do a good job, you have to pay them well. You deserve the best quality care, so first check CQC (the Care Quality Commission, that regulates care) ratings, then ask what the carers are paid.