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Train to become a Christies Carer. Join the UK’s leading homecare agency and gain a life-changing career, flexible working and good rates of pay 

Care to make a difference

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Are you dedicated, kind, compassionate and hard working?

Join us and become part of our award-winning care team providing live-in and hourly home care across the UK.

Rated OUTSTANDING by the CQC, Christies Care is family owned and run and has been selecting, training and supporting exceptional live-in carers for over thirty years.

We pride ourselves on the passion and professionalism of our team and our carers are vital to our success.

Are you are looking for a job that is rewarding and offers continuous learning?

Our award-winning training is what makes us stand out from other care providers. We are one of only a handful of live in care agencies to be rated outstanding by the CQC thanks to the extremely high quality of the carers we recruit and the excellent, free training they receive.

Our free two-week induction programme will equip you with care skills, confidence and ongoing guidance which is unmatched by other live-in care agencies. We provide free accommodation and breakfast throughout your stay at our residential training academy in the East Suffolk market town of Saxmundham. 

All carers must attend and pass our 2-week induction course which is followed by a 10-unit distance learning programme and an annual 2-day course to update and refresh your skills. Residential training means we can spend time getting to know you and understand where your strengths are and which clients you would work well with.

If you have an aptitude for a particular type of care i.e. Dementia, Learning Disabilities, we can offer further condition-specific training to nurture and develop your skills.

Once you’ve completed your 2 week training, you are ready to start caring and meet your first client.

Do you want free, industry-leading training. We offer constant support so that we can be confident in offering our clients some of the best carers in the country?

Being a carer is highly rewarding but we know it has its challenges too. Alongside free award-winning training, as a Christies Carer you will have the ongoing, full support of our Carer Support Network. During your induction training we will introduce you to your key support team who will be there to provide advice, guidance and a friendly listening ear whenever you need it.

“Being a carer is probably one of the most rewarding jobs - being kind and a passion for helping others is so rewarding and the emotional side of caregiving is the biggest part of caring. It's important to be kind to yourself and have a positive outlook too.”

Robyn, Christies Carer

The Carer Support Network is there to make things easier for you whether it’s at the beginning of your work with us, helping you to adjust to life as a live-in carer or, in the day-to-day management of your client’s homecare plan. You will be assigned two members of the team who are on hand to provide support when you want it.

Whether you need advice about medication, guidance on how to cope with a client’s condition or just a general chat, our Carer Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you provide the best care, any time you need it.   

You can help make a difference in someone’s life by providing hourly home care or 24-hour, live-in care to enable them to live independently in the comfort of their home, where they are happiest.

We receive so many lovely compliments from family members and clients. It’s wonderful to hear what a good job our carers are doing first hand.

Download to read this daughter’s beautiful letter which describes how many people feel when the need to arrange care becomes necessary and highlights the difficulties she faced as well as the benefits gained as a family.

Feedback from a Christies Carer

Why you should choose to be a Christies Carer

Good rates of pay, flexibility and guaranteed earnings

We operate nationally providing care to clients all around the country and guarantee you can earn a minimum of £6k in your first 14 weeks, conditions apply. View our 14-week work guarantee for details. Typically, live-in carers earn between £500-£800 per week depending on the needs of their client. You can dictate the length of time you work with each client to help you fit your care work around your own life and we match each client carefully with their carer to ensure you both like and work well together.

Our award-winning training provides you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to be an outstanding carer.

As a carer you will encounter many new circumstances. Your client may require hoisting or lifting equipment for mobility. You may need to change a catheter bag or your client may take 20 types of medication at a particular time and dose each day. Our award-winning training team instruct all our carers how to manage these and many other tasks during our intensive two week induction programme so you are ready for your first client.

Ongoing advice and support

Being a carer carries a lot of responsibility. Our carer support network is on hand day and night with advice and information to ensure you do not shoulder this alone. Our Local Area Advisors are also available to help you and can arrange a visit to you and your client whenever you might need it.

Carer community and connection

We offer a great community network amongst our carers and keep you up to date with a newsletter and carers website so you can share stories, ideas and important information about your lives as Christies Carers. You can also connect and chat with fellow carers on our Christies Carers Facebook page to find out what it’s like to be a live-in carer.

Become a Live-in Carer

Values, skills and attributes

What makes an outstanding Christies Carer?

Our carers come from all walks of life but what stands out amongst them all is a desire to care and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We are looking for dedicated, compassionate, reliable individuals with strong initiative and a friendly, helpful manner.

Being a live-in carer can be a challenging and unpredictable job, but it is also an extremely rewarding position. Every day, when you care for someone, you will be making a huge difference to that person and their family; and sharing some extraordinary moments.

A live-in carer can come from any background with any experience. Our carers have been secretaries, bank managers, mothers, fathers, students, nurses, soldiers and teachers. Some have worked as carers previously, for hourly care agencies or care homes, some have no professional experience at all.

All you need is a dedication and a desire to care, we will provide you with all the training you need, all we ask is that you are a caring, hard-working, patient, flexible person who will use your initiative to make your clients happy.

As a Christies Carer you will live in the home of your client or visit regularly as an hourly home carer, helping to deliver a person-centred care plan to enable them to live as independently as possible.

Our unique training programme will provide you with the skills and expertise to provide medication management, mobility support, including the use of lifting equipment, personal care and companionship.

You will also be required to undertake light housekeeping duties to include the planning and preparation of meals so, some basic cooking skills are essential. Some of our clients also have pets who you may help care for too but this will be discussed and agreed in advance of your placement.

Download our information pack now for more detail and help on how to apply.

It's Easy To Apply

Once you have applied on the Christies Care website, we will review your application and contact you to arrange a telephone interview. During the interview, we will give you lots of further information about the role and there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. If you are to pass the interview, your application would then be passed onto our friendly Compliance team who will obtain your documents and references. Once they have done this, you will then be booked onto your induction training.

Recruitment FAQs

The 2 week training is unique to the industry for a reason, we make sure that you are fully equipped and confident to support any of our clients at home and this knowledge cannot be imparted entirely online, as many care organisations do, or quickly. It is also a period of time for us to get to know each other. We created our training course so sufficiently that if you are completely new to care, you will learn everything you need to know and if you have experience that is a bonus. Those who do have prior experience it is important to recognise that different companies, have different policies and it is always beneficial to have a refresher of what you already know before going out to care for your clients.

We provide accommodation and breakfast free of charge. Our dedicated training centre comprises of fully fitted kitchen facilities and guest rooms within our headquarters in the charming East of England market town of Saxmundham.

Unlike other care organisations, we pay weekly, between £550-£800, all dependent on the client and the type of care provision. The lower rate applies for a companionship role and a higher rate is paid for more complex health conditions that may require lots of moving and handling/personal care. Don’t forget you don’t pay for accommodation.

You will be paid travel expenses only for travel between clients and we help by doing all the route plans for you.
Carers get 2 hours per day depending on client – we schedule this into your client’s care plan.
Yes, you are entitled to take 20 days holiday pay, paid on a pro rata basis
Each carer’s work pattern is a minimum of 2 weeks duty at a time. We have a dedicated team arranging care placements and we always try to be flexible. There are always high demand periods and we do have to make sure that these are sufficiently covered.

We are always advising we cannot guarantee work in one area, you may have a particular location as your preference but we ask our carers to be flexible and willing to travel all over the country.

We look after a variety of clients with a range of different care needs, take a look at the Home Care Services section of our site for more detail on the type of care we provide.

We offer work on both an employed or self-employed contract basis. Speak to our team for more detail on 01728 605126

Our Christies Care Benevolent Fund or CCBC – you pay just £3 per week and we assess compensation for any loss of earnings on a case-by-case basis. We have recently paid out over £10,000 in total to some of our CCBC members.

If you choose to leave after training you will pay a charge of £2,500. All carers who complete training are required to work 12 weeks out of the first 4 months that follow. Speak to one of our friendly team for more detail 01728 605126.
£25 referral compensation

Upon the successful completion of your training, we offer a guarantee of care work to start your career with us. We ask for £55 to provide this insurance.

No, but don’t worry, we know how to help you. DBS is not on the update service then the compliance team will do them a new one for £46. We are unable to accept a valid current DBS certificate if it is not on the update service. You can put it on the update service themselves but you have to do it within the first couple of weeks of the DBS being completed so most of the time this isn’t an option.