Training, Support and Development​

Good training is at the heart of what we do and why it works.

Christies Care has received an Outstanding rating from the CQC two times running for the quality of our live-in care. This standard is only achieved by 5% of the UK’s care organisations so you can be confident that our award-winning training produces some of the best carers in the country.

Our live-in care training team is accredited with the Continuing Professional Development Service (CPD) and we invest over £250,000 per year in our training programme. We make sure you are fully trained with the knowledge and practical skills to enable you to provide live-in care with confidence to support our clients at home.

Your blended training programme

Our induction training is unique in the industry, setting us apart from other care providers in the UK. The 10-day induction programme consists of five days virtual training via Zoom, followed by five days practical in-house training at our purpose-built practical training centre in the East Suffolk market town of Saxmundham.

During your practical training we offer free accommodation, which gives you the opportunity to focus solely on your training and to meet members of our head office team and other carers who will be joining you on your journey as a Christies Carer. Many of our carers become firm friends during their stay and look forward to meeting up again when they return for their annual training refresher course.

Whether you are completely new to care or have prior experience, the programme will ensure you learn everything you need to know in accordance with Christies Care’s policies and fully regulated service.

Continual development

Your training doesn’t stop at induction. We offer in-depth condition-specific training courses so carers can support clients with a wide range of care needs.

Additionally, all our live-in carers must complete and pass a two-day update course each year to continue working to their full capacity. Throughout the year, you will receive advice and guidance from the training team and our dedicated carer support team who are on hand whenever you need help. 

Our hourly care assistants are also required to complete induction training. We offer further development training through e-learning or face to face training in specialist conditions to help career progression or to give extra knowledge.

What does our induction training cover?

training testimonial
“The commitment shown by the team at Christies Care to their staff training is second to none. The investment they have put into their training facilities is amazing. I was delighted to be invited to help focus the training as it shows how they put the needs of the clients first. I’ve been a client of Christies Care for more than a dozen years now and I couldn’t praise them enough for the work that they do.”

Getting the best out
of your training

Be keen to learn

Come to induction training with the goal of learning as much as you can and you won’t go far wrong! Our training is interesting, engaging and fun.

Be inquisitive

There’s no such thing as a pointless question. Asking questions will make you a better carer and we are here to listen and guide you. If you don’t understand something never be afraid to ask. Our training team want to hear and help you with all your questions and it will help you to get the best out of your training.

Be enthusiastic

It’s an exciting time, you’re embarking on a new career, learning a new skill or building on previous knowledge.

Be friendly

Your fellow course members are likely to become a big part of your support network and you’ll continue to see each other every year during the update training.

Have fun

The subject matter is serious and important but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun whilst learning. In fact, it’s encouraged, laugh a lot and you’ll enjoy training and retain more information too.

care quality outstanding rated

Interested in joining us?

If you would like to apply to be a carer in one of our live-in care jobs and become part of an award-winning care team providing live-in and visiting home care across the UK, contact us today on 01728 605 060 or use for form belown to begin your application process.