Physical injury care

Dedicated, expert care to support sufferers of traumatic physical injury

Live-in care for life changing injuries

Our home carers provide the vital physical and emotional support needed to help clients and their families adjust and adapt their lives around their injury. 

All too often, needing to rely on a carer reduces a person’s independence and constrains their lifestyle significantly. With Christies Care it is different. Our live-in carers (or Personal Assistants) are specifically trained to encourage independence – it is part of our philosophy, and at the heart of all our training. We provide care so someone with a physical injury can live in their own home and live life as they want.

When Christies Care looks after people with physical injuries, we work with medical professionals so our well-trained carers get precise, person-centred instructions on any specialist care that’s required, such as pressure ulcer care, bowel care. With this initial input, our carers can then deliver the right care, in the right way to our clients – reducing nursing involvement substantially.

We train all carers to use a hoist alone, where safe practice allows, making our clients lives easier and more independent. We also train them to assist with personal care and medication as well as cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping tasks.

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Christies Care in action - real life stories

“In July 2000 I had an accident that left me paralysed from the neck down and requiring 24-hour care. Unfortunately, in 2002 my marriage subsequently broke down and I was forced to move to a new home and require a 24-hour carer, both at the same time, neither of which I wanted. All this was happening while I was still trying to come to terms with my accident plus now the additional heartache of the breakup of my marriage.

Having left hospital in a very insecure state, my reliance on my care routine and knowing that somebody was there for me in case of any difficulties 24-hours a day was absolutely fundamental to me; to an extent that’s difficult to overstate.

Because of my new circumstances I was forced into a situation that I didn’t want to be in, but through necessity I obviously realised the essentiality of it. I thought a carer would just be there for the bare necessities, as and when required, while I tried to rebuild some semblance of a life, going out with my friends where and when possible.

However, it soon transpired that the reality of the situation was somewhat different. Having a 24-hour live-in carer also provided me with a constant companion providing what turned out to be much-needed friendship and emotional support on-top of the more obvious physical support.”

Richard, Chrisites Care customer

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