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With over 30 years’ experience, we are one of the UK’s leading live-in care agencies

What sets us apart from other home care providers?

We are exceptionally proud to have received an ‘OUTSTANDING’ rating for the second time from the CQC. Only 3.5% of all care organisations achieve this standard.

Established in 1987, Christies Care is a family-run business which started with an index card folder and a small number of clients and has grown, through personal recommendation and positive word of mouth, to be one of the largest live-in home care providers in the UK.

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Read our CQC report here to see what makes our service OUTSTANDING

Freddy Gathorne Hardy

Freddy Gathorne Hardy​

Managing Director

Freddy has enjoyed a fascinating and diverse career, first exploring the jungles of the world collecting termites and studying for a PHD at the Natural History Museum before leaving to work as a management consultant in London where he specialised in improving the performance of many different companies and learned the importance of customer service.

Freddy moved back to Suffolk with his growing family in 2009 when he joined the family business, Christies Care. “I learned a lot. Fast. The care world is not like any I had seen before. And I soon realised why Christies Care had grown so well. Because it does a good job and has good people working for it. And the satisfaction of helping a carer to do the right thing for her client is immense. I’ve been here for 11 years now. Slowly learning how to do my job better and better. Watching as the training team have made their training into the best in the country; seeing our new client team develop so that more than 10 out of 11 clients ask for their very first carer back; seeing our bookings and carer support team organise things so that if someone rings up, asking for care tomorrow, we can say yes. Looking at our recruitment team getting so that we recruit better and better quality carers, watching our quality and complaints team get so that carers will thank them for their help if there have been problems and complaints.

My job now is two-fold:
1. Asking questions. Asking people if there are better ways of doing things. Finding out the root causes of problems and asking people how they can be fixed so that the problem doesn’t happen again. Asking people for the evidence of their good performance.
2. Having ideas about how to make things better and better than that, seeing other people have ideas and turn them into something that makes life better for the carer or the client.

Our success is guided by one simple value which always puts our clients at the heart of our business decisions: “Do as you would be done by.”

Hugh Gathorne Hardy​​

Hugh Gathorne Hardy​

Chairman & Director

Hugh was a founder shareholder of Christies Care and has been chairman since 1991. His active interest and investment has been key to the development and growth of the company to its current size – Christies Care is one of the UK’s leading live in care agencies providing around 23,000 weeks of care a year. Hugh’s focus is on maintaining and improving the outstanding service Christies Care gives to its clients, carers and staff. He is closely involved with the day-to-day running of the company and still frequently visits clients.

A Suffolk man, Hugh’s background was in commerce and banking and as a management consultant and chartered accountant.

Charlotte Driver b&w

Charlotte Driver-Young

Operations Manager and Registered Manager for Christies Care Ltd

Charlotte’s background working within HR and operational Policing for Suffolk Constabulary, provides an invaluable foundation for her dual role as Operations Manager and Registered Manager for Christies Care Ltd.

“I have a strong policing background specifically within Safeguarding. I received a Chief Constable’s Commendation Award and was recognised by the Chief Constable for my Leadership Skills. As an HR Consultant I was awarded an HR degree for CIPD Chartered Member.

“I had heard so many good things about Christies and their reputation in the live-in care sector and I was drawn to the family-run business and their strong values. My key focus for Christies has been around service improvement and change management. My passion is people: I love working with our staff to influence and lead them to ensure that we give the best service possible to our clients and carers. As Registered Manager, my mission is to ensure Christies Care provides the highest quality of care possible and to ensure we are outstanding at everything we do. I am excited about my future within Christies Care and continuing our success and guiding the company values by always putting our clients at the heart of our business decisions.”

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Providing expert carers, value for money and peace of mind for you


Today we deliver around 23,000 weeks of care a year but our ethos remains the same as when we started out. We are a people-driven business and our carers are vital to our success. That’s why we invest heavily in selecting, recruiting and training our care team, each of whom must complete an industry leading two-week training programme to equip them with the skills necessary to care for a wide range of needs from complex conditions to companionship.


Aside from the skills we teach, it is essential our staff have the right qualities and attitude to nurture and care for a vulnerable person so that families can rest assured their loved one is receiving the best standard of care. Our carers have the skills and initiative to deliver care in your home in a manner that is helpful, respectful, polite and compassionate.


The complex task of matching the skills and attributes, outlooks and personalities of carers to suitable clients is managed by our Bookings team. They meet and interview all carers and keep in regular contact, building a good relationship. They also make regular home visits and spend time talking to clients and/or their families to understand their needs and wants. 74% of our clients request that their first carer returns to care for them on their regular rota.

Continuity of care

We won’t let you down. Whatever the reason, if your carer is due a break, is unwell or has a family emergency, we work very carefully to select a regular rota of friendly faces so that our clients will always be cared for by someone they like and are familiar with.

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