Companionship Care

Combatting loneliness in people’s lives

Our companionship care makes life better

A carer from Christies Care will help prevent someone from being lonely. Simply by being there; by doing tasks around the house, the carer provides companionship. 

When the carer is present there is someone to talk to, someone to share good moments with, an end to being alone. The carer can be there either for an hour or so a week, or a couple of hours a day. Or, if someone really wants or needs somebody else to be in the house all the time (perhaps for reassurance, maybe because of a risk of falls, maybe to help with other things like going to the toilet), a live-in carer will provide all the companionship and help you need. 

Companionship doesn’t always stop people being lonely, though. We know that to successfully fight loneliness, you need to achieve the opposite state – a sense of belonging. Christies Carers are trained to give our clients that sense of being valued and useful. They encourage their clients to make decisions, to help, to be sociable, to be useful, as much as they can. This may be as little as the client drying up or being asked how to cook something, to the carer enabling and encouraging our client to lead an extremely active life.

Our carers help people to rejoin their communities, to do things that are useful and to be truly valued by others. 

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The impact of loneliness

By nature we are sociable creatures. We need a sense of belonging, a sense of being needed and valued, a sense of contributing, to be truly happy. Without it we become lonely. When this feeling persists it can have a negative impact on well-being and quality of life.

Loneliness is associated with poorer physical and mental health, and more unhappiness among older people. Research by Age UK shows people over 50 are more likely to be lonely if they:

  • have no one to open up to when they need to talk
  • are widowed
  • are in poor health
  • feel as if they do not belong in their neighbourhoods
  • are unable do what they want
  • live alone

This describes a lot of people. Many are helped by friends and relatives, so they are less lonely, but many others can’t be helped enough by relatives for various reasons.

Christies Carers can fill this gap. Lots of people have a carer to not only help around the house and to help care for someone, but also to provide some sense of companionship. We work with you to find out your likes, then pair you with carers who are interested in the same things, so you can be sure you’ll enjoy the company of the carer you’re with.

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What our clients say about us

Valerie T (Sister of Client)
Valerie T (Sister of Client)
9 August 2021
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Due to my brother's wife dying unexpectedly, Christies Care were so efficient in providing emergency care for my brother in very difficult and emotional circumstances. They continued to provide services up until we moved my brother to a care home.
Sarah B (Daughter of Client)
Sarah B (Daughter of Client)
12 July 2021
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A very good experience from booking the carer through to the time the carer spent with my mother. The carer was attentive, patient and kind. Altogether a very professional service. I would use this company again if further care was required.
Catherine W (Daughter of Client)
Catherine W (Daughter of Client)
28 April 2021
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Both the recent Christies' carers for Mum, 92, and Dad, 101, have fitted in extremely well. They have taken the time to understand my parents' routines and cater for their preferences. I am impressed with the kindness and the high standard of care provided.

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