Respite Care​

We have over 30 years’ experience providing flexible respite care, when you need it most

Why choose Respite Care?

Much of the care provided in the UK is by unpaid family carers whether by the children of elderly parents, spouses who care for their partner or family members working on a rota basis to ensure all household tasks are done, dropping in wherever possible. Everybody does the best they can and often a break is all that’s needed to ensure this arrangement continues to be a success.

Somebody might require respite care to help recuperate from an injury or operation, or to relieve a carer who needs a break or a holiday. A respite carer can also provide support and companionship at a time of need.

Whatever the situation, our carers receive high levels of training to step in and provide tailored respite care whenever it is needed.

Whether you require around-the-clock care or someone to drop in for a few hours each day, respite care is essential in providing caregivers with an all-important break to refresh and recharge their batteries. Families can plan a break or even a holiday with the peace of mind that their loved one is being looked after with the same level of care and compassion as they offer themselves.

A Christies Carer is on hand to help with 24/7 personal care, mobility support, medication and household tasks, minimising disruption and ensuring your loved one stays within the home and community they are most familiar with. A local area advisor will provide an initial assessment and our client team will be on hand during the respite period to ensure the care runs smoothly and the experience is a success.

Respite Care: Client case study

Proven success – Outstanding results

My husband has progressive MS, and I have looked after him for a long time. For a while he was able to manage with a visiting carer twice a day when I went away for respite. But when he began to need someone living-in friends recommended Christies, and since then we have had Christies carers to provide care when I go away. The carers are very well trained, professional, kind and compassionate. It is a huge relief to me to be able to go away and properly rest without worrying about my husband at home. I know he is safe, and well cared for, and if there should be a problem the carer and Christies will resolve it. He enjoys having someone else in the house to talk to, and I usually find they have managed to achieve a level of mutual understanding and a shared sense of humour.

“It is a huge relief to me to be able to go away and properly rest without worrying about my husband at home.”

Home Care Services

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A staggering 97 percent of people do not want to go into a care home if they become ill or less able to cope.