Respite care

Allowing the carers to take care of themselves

Our Respite Care service gives a regular carer the chance to rest and recharge

Much of the care provided in the UK is done by unpaid family members, whether that’s the children of elderly parents, spouses who care for their partner or wider family members. Everybody does the best they can, but the work is demanding and often unrelenting. 

This is why respite care is such an essential service – it gives the family carer a vital break to rest and recharge themselves, so that the arrangement can continue to be a success.

As well as planned breaks, respite care can be used when the primary caregiver becomes unable to look after the person in need due to illness or other circumstances. Respite carers can also provide support and companionship in a time of need.

 We give our carers award-winning training so they can provide care for a range of specialist medical conditions, including dementia care, after stroke care, physical injury care and learning disability care.

Looking for care advice?

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We can arrange for a carer to be on hand 24/7 with a support plan to help with a range of respite care needs, including:



Personal care
and hygiene


Companionship/ Sitting services


General welfare checks


Why choose respite care at home?

Choosing in-home respite care ensures your loved one stays within the home and community they are most familiar with, so they can keep to their routines, surrounded by their home comforts. It significantly reduces the disruption and distress which would result from moving into a care home even temporarily.

Respite care…

  • Prevents burn-out. It’s impossible to care for someone effectively without a break – do too much and you will break down and not be able to help the person you care for.
  • Reduces social isolation. Looking after someone can be a full-time job and often very lonely. Having a chance to meet friends and talk to people about other things can make a big difference to your mental and even physical health.
  • Improves relationships. Most people like to have a break from each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and many people find they have a better relationship after a break than before it.
  • Is a chance to test things out in case things decline. A short break is a perfect opportunity to try out different care options before things worsen. Then if there is an emergency or someone’s condition suddenly deteriorates, you will know where to go and who you can rely on.

For information on how our home care services can help you:

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Arranging respite care

We can arrange live-in or visiting respite care anywhere in the country. 

Our carers are all trusted professionals, experienced in adapting quickly to the needs of clients. They provide expert care and companionship to relieve the strain on families, restore balance and offer fresh stimulation for those receiving care.

The cost of respite care depends on how much help you want or need. Some care homes charge £2,500 or £3,000 a week for respite care. Live-in care, where you can stay in your own home, with far less disruption, is likely to cost up to around £2,000 a week, and in certain circumstances it can be even cheaper at about £1,500 a week.

Our respite care will last for as long as you want, and it can be extended easily, if needed. Usually, for live-in care we find respite breaks last two or three weeks. It’s long enough for someone to have a proper break, yet short enough to be just a holiday. Once someone has had their first respite break, they often find them so beneficial they book future ones immediately. 

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all way of working. Every person is an individual, and so we make sure their care plan is individual too. 


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