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At Christies Care, we prioritise the professional development of our employees.  

From training programs and apprenticeships to leadership development courses, we provide the resources and support you need to thrive in your career.

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Making sure your career aspirations are not just goals but achievable milestones

“I joined Christies Care in 2017, initially working as a carer for two years before transitioning into Recruitment, and most recently, Digital Marketing.

My work as a carer was deeply fulfilling as it allowed me to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Now, in my new role, what I do still matters, and I’ve found a fresh and creative way to express that same sense of purpose.

Christies Care has supported me in growing my career at every opportunity. They have allowed me to develop my skills and have provided me with all the resources I needed along the way.”

Emily Dawson, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Career Progression stories from our Team

End-of-life care

Katie Parker: My Career Progression at Christies Care. 

From Training Coordinator to Branch Manager, I honestly don't think that there is anyone at Christies that hasn't helped and supported me.

A Christies Carer’s story with Jo Capp

Christies Carer Jo Capp has a range of experience as a carer but her experience of providing live-in care in the home of her clients has highlighted the clear benefits for both client and carer.
Convalescent Care

After stroke care case study with Marian Blaxill

Marian is an amazing lady – She had a stroke in 2019 and she and her husband Graham, ended up in a care home but were desperate to return home. Christies Care helped them achieve this ambition with the support of live-in care.

A Christies Carer’s story with Cristy North

Cristy is an adventure-loving South African with a passion for conservation and the rehabilitation of wild animals. Here, she shares her experience of what it felt like being fresh out of training and taking on her first clients. 
Better Care at Home

A Christies Carer’s story with Emily Dawson

Emily Dawson explains how becoming a carer has given her freedom to explore, to grow lasting friendships and build her own confidence and resilience.