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Katie Parker: My Career Progression at Christies Care. 

End-of-life care

My Career Progression at Christies Care: From Training Coordinator to Branch Manager. 

When I joined the training team at Christies Care I was returning to work after spending time with my children.  Working with the training team gave me the chance to refresh my knowledge in all areas of the care sector. I have previously been a registered manager in care so when the new opportunity for career progression at Christies Care came up, I jumped at a chance.

The new Stowmarket Hourly Care Branch is an exciting chance for me to grow and show my experience and passion. 

Ensuring my clients are getting what they deserve is where my passion lies.  

In my new role, I will be concentrating on employing the correct carers to ensure customer satisfaction is high.  Time will be spent on the fundamentals of good visits at the correct times, building relationships, familiar faces, correct tasks completed, and, where possible, responding to the client’s needs as they change or develop. 

Working in hourly care is a fast-paced environment that I thrive in. My personality suits a job where you never know what you may be faced with in the morning. It brings with it many difficulties, but this is half the challenge of making it a success. 

I honestly don’t think that there is anyone at Christies that hasn’t helped and supported me.

Throughout my career progression at Christies Care, I have received so much support from the Christies staff.  

Demi supported me through the whole application process, Sarah supported my decision to move departments and continues to help me as a mentor. Ellen and Hannah have supported me as a group of managers that are all currently going through the same setup process. I have the support from higher management in that I can call on them whenever needed.

I honestly don’t think that there is anyone at Christies that hasn’t helped and supported me in some way so far on this journey and I am sure this support will continue going forward.

Katie Parker Registered Manager and Branch Manager of Stowmarket Hourly Care Branch
Katie Parker: Career Progression at Christies Care

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