Convalescence care​

Get better in the comfortable surroundings of
your own home

Good convalescent care gets you out of hospital as soon as possible, to help you recover faster.

Nobody likes staying in hospital, and being at home, where it is quieter, familiar and more comfortable, is often more helpful to recovery.

Good convalescent care helps get you out of hospital as soon as possible, so that you can recover faster. Typically, someone might need live-in convalescent care for about three weeks and then as they get stronger we can reduce it so they have some hours of hourly visiting care, which slowly winds down to nothing as they are fit and well again.

One big challenge in the recovery process can be when you are medically fit to be discharged, but still need help to manage at home. This is where our convalescent care is ideal.

It’s tailored and flexible, and can be arranged for as little or as long as you need.

Looking for care advice?

The world of care can often seem daunting and complex – we’re here to be help you through it.

The convalescence care we provide

Our carers can help manage any follow up care, supporting you with mobility and physio exercises, as well as liaising with your support network, including loved ones, NHS and district nurses and physiotherapists.

And because we know these things can happen suddenly, we can usually arrange a carer for you within 24 hours.

Our carers are highly trained experts in delivering care, as well as being respectful, compassionate and dependable people. Whether you need just a bit of help with shopping and cleaning or someone there all the time, they are there to care and support you as you wish.

How much will it cost?

Some care homes will charge between £2,500 to £3,000 a week for convalescent care. In comparison, live-in convalescent care is generally a maximum of £2,000 a week and has the added advantage that you are convalescing at home, rather than in an institution. Or, if you need hourly visiting care from outstandingly trained and selected carers, that starts at £30 an hour.


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