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A Christies Carer’s story with Cristy North

Better Care at Home

Cristy North is an adventure-loving South African with a passion for conservation and the rehabilitation of wild animals. Cristy has travelled far and wide and was looking for a career that would help her to fund her travels and give her the freedom and flexibility to continue to plan long trips. Her next adventure is a journey to Bolivia to work with a conservation charity where she may spend six months before she returns to the UK to work as a Christies Carer once more. Here, Cristy shares her experience of what it felt like being fresh out of training and taking on her first clients. 

Cristy was initially apprehensive about becoming a carer. Her mother also works in care services so she was familiar with Christies Care and some aspects of the role but she admits that nothing had quite prepared her for experiencing the job first-hand. 

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