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Dementia Care – A Case Study

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Izabela and Bex

A dementia diagnosis can cause a great deal of uncertainty and distress for all involved. It is a complex condition requiring expert care. Being cared for at home in memorable surroundings provides a great deal of comfort and a sense of safety and familiarity for those living with dementia, reducing the need for disruption and change which can cause such anguish. Good carers are essential to improve the life quality of those living with dementia and to ease the load and provide respite for family members. Here is the story of Izabela and Bex…

At just 31 years old, newly married ski instructor Bex had been tragically diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia triggered by an inherited faulty gene. 

Izabela developed a rapport with her client, and herdetermination to encourage Bex’s mobility undoubtedlyhelped to keep aspects of her illness at bay and increased herlife quality and expectancy. 

Izabela’s positive outlook and determination to engage Bex and encourage memories of the things she had enjoyed, meant spending hours sitting at the piano together or joining in with Bex’s singing coach to encourage memories of the things she had enjoyed before her illness, plus watching endless music videos together which Bex had loved. 

As Bex’s illness developed, Izabela demonstrated a proactive and compassionate approach to helping Bex and her family adapt, both practically and emotionally, to some of the necessary changes dictated by her decline in health. When an outbuilding was converted specifically for Bex’s changing needs, Izabela’s gentle encouragement and support helped Bex adapt to being in a different environment by spending half an hour at a time in the new surroundings, gradually building up to an entire day. By taking control of this situation and establishing a new routine for Bex, Izabela also helped encourage the family to embrace the respite this provided, when they needed it most. 

Christies Care provides live-in dementia care to support a range of conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Our carers receive specialist dementia training to provide flexibility, expertise and support for you and your loved one as you adjust and adapt to the needs of someone living with dementia.

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