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We have refined some of our internal operations teams and we’d like to tell you how our improved organisation works. 

It’s a substantial investment in our people, but one that creates a  seamless and strengthened Care Management Team

We have combined the Bookings Team and Carer Support Team to bring more effective management and support of our carers with an emphasis on a greater offering of wellbeing and carer support. 

The Bookings Coordinator role is now the new Care Management Coordinator and they manage the client and carer in each care package. Any problems that arise within that care package are dealt with by that Care Management Coordinator

You will still recognise your contacts within each traditional team (Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz) but we have added an additional member to each team. 

We have created two new Logistics Coordinator roles to work within the team to finely tune the client carer balance, ensuring that our clients have their rota of carers available within the care package. A role that takes some science in making sure availabilities and expectations are not only planned for, but seamless.

To make sure that carers do indeed get the support and help they need, we have added two Wellbeing and Carer Support Advisor roles. These two people are responsible for carer welfare and mental and physical wellbeing. Our investment in Wellbeing now reflects throughout all our operations.

We have recently signed up to complete an intensive training programme with Suffolk Mind across our senior team members.

The new Care Management Team creates:

Better communication, more productive conversations, easier information flow.

As you would expect from Christies Care:
‘Outstanding’ Care Management

Click here to view the new structure of our Care Management Team.


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