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Explore our must-read articles for useful advice, tips and solutions on aspects of ageing and elderly care to give you clarity, confidence and essential information to help look after yourself or your loved one. 

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2022: Discussing palliative care at home

Care at home means pets are welcome

Having care at home allows people to keep their much-loved pets by their side when they need them most.

Loneliness in older people

Growing old presents many challenges that we might not consider during our younger years, loneliness in older people is one of them.

Exercise for older people

It's never too late to make improvements to our health and mobility for a better quality of life.  

Living well with Pain

Millions of people live with persistent or chronic pain and the effects of this can be all-consuming, having a huge impact on someone's quality of life. 

Fall prevention for the elderly

The older you get, the higher the risk of falling becomes, particularly for people with long term health conditions.

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