Before you come to Christies Care

Congratulations on passing our application process. Only a small percentage of those who apply get to this stage, so well done!

Below are some documents you will need to read.

You MUST read the Confirmation Letter and visit our e-Learning site to register and complete your pre-induction material.

From the Training Team

Congratulations on being selected to undertake our induction training.

Here you will find important information regarding Food Hygiene, Medication and your pre-induction e-Learning training which you must read/view/complete before arriving with us.


You will be completing medication training, including Medication Administration Records (MAR sheets).

Included in this training are practical assessments, for these assessments you will need to have your nails shortly trimmed and not be wearing any nail products. If this request is not followed we will not be able to train you.

There will be a PowerPoint presentation and practical demonstrations followed by your practical assessments and a multi-choice test. You will need to gain 75% or above to pass and for us to be able to offer you any work.


There will be two full days of practical Moving and Handling. You will need to wear loose fitting clothing (preferably trousers), minimal jewellery, nails shortly trimmed and flat, covered-in comfortable shoes, e.g. trainers. If this request is not followed we will not be able to train you.

Included within the training is a written test based on the Moving and Handling training that you have received. You will need to gain 75% or above in both the written test and the practical assessments for us to be able to offer you any work.


Personal appearance throughout the training and whilst working should give a professional impression.

Flat soled shoes should be worn, full skirts or trousers, and smart comfortable practical shirts, jumpers or blouses.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Large rings and earrings can be dangerous and should not be worn whilst training or working. Long hair should be neatly tied back.

Body and face jewellery (including micro dermal implants) should not be worn whilst training and working. Tattoos should be covered up.

We are following government guidance, and all new carers to the company will be expected to undertake The Care Certificate, this will be explained in more detail during your induction training.

Alongside the tests, which take place as described, we continually assess and monitor your suitability to work as a Live in Carer during your induction training.

We reserve the right to cease training if we feel that you are not able to meet our high standards at any point during your induction training.

In addition to the above, we work with a ‘Snap Shot System’. This means that in the event we have any concerns which require us to speak with you on three different occasions, we have the right to cease training at that point.

Moving & Handling theory study information is available on the eLearning site.


The study material for the Food Hygiene and Infection Control sections is also on the e-learning site. You should read this carefully and thoroughly as there will be a multi-choice test on this subject, once you are here. You will need to gain 75% to pass.

There is also a section on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). You will need to read through this section and then fill in and submit a couple of forms.

Training Documents

Induction Timetables