Live-in Care Options

Full Management or Introductory – the choice is yours

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Christies Care offers two types of live-in home care: Full Management and Introductory

Our Full Management and Introductory live-in care options means that you can choose how you would like to manage your care to meet your needs and budget.

All Christies Care live-in care clients receive:

Full Management

Our Full Management service provides complete peace of mind – clients and families needn’t worry about a thing. Our experienced team will oversee every aspect of care, both long-term and day-to-day, to ensure that your care needs are completely taken care of. The care we provide is fully regulated by CQC (we have been rated Outstanding in the last 2 inspections), and includes personalised care plans, carer management and regular client reviews. Carers can manage and administer medication and controlled drugs, and all care notes and medication administration are recorded on our Birdie app that clients and family members can read.

Full Management is the gold standard of care. It is the ideal option for those who don’t want to worry about coordinating GP appointments and other everyday tasks and families juggling lots of other demands.



Our Introductory service provides you with a rota of client matched carers who will work directly for you on a self-employed basis. You will therefore manage and pay your carer, who will not be regulated by CQC.

It is up to you how and if you would like care records kept and medication recorded. The Introductory service is more suitable for clients who do not have complex needs as carers can only prompt a client to take medication but cannot administer medication or controlled drugs. They also cannot help with manual handing equipment such as hoists.

The carer fee will be negotiated between the client and carer, and you will pay the carer directly for their services. Christies Care will charge an agency fee for the recruitment, vetting, training, registration and introduction of your chosen carers. 

The Introductory service is most suited for family who want to be more involved in the care of their loved one, or those who need a live-in carer on a tighter budget.

Care comparison:

Full Management

  • We take responsibility for managing the carer
  • Fully regulated, inspected and monitored by CQC; Outstanding in last two reports.
  • We set the fee, so complete clarity of expectation
  • All care is recorded on Birdie and meets CQC standards
  • Regular face to face visits to review progress
  • All medication is recorded on Birdie
  • Carer can manage and administer medication
  • Carer can administer controlled drugs, e.g. morphine-related pain relief
  • Client can see care record notes, medication record, instantly, online.
  • Carer can help with manual handling e.g. hoists
  • If client gets worse, our managed carers can cope and are trained in end-of-life care. No further care stage will be needed.


  • Care is not regulated by CQC
  • You pay the carers directly, carer must sort out tax, NI etc.
  • We suggest fee, it is up to client or carer to negotiate whether this is really the fee they want
  • Up to carer or client if care records are kept
  • Face to face visits only if a major review of entire care is needed
  • Up to carer or client if medication records are kept
  • Carer can prompt client to take medicine - but not actually administer
  • Carer cannot be involved with helping with controlled drugs
  • Up to carer and client if they want/ can set up online records
  • Carer cannot help with major manual handling equipment, e.g. hoists
  • If client gets worse, if self-employed carers no longer work, we have the managed option to offer.

No matter which option you choose, you can be assured of Christies Care providing you with excellent carers and a professional service from our experienced team to meet your wants and needs.

If you would like a quote for either Full Management or Introductory live-in care, or you would like to discuss your needs further, please contact our friendly team on: 01728 605107 or email